Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chicken or the egg??

Will the real designer Please stand up

Are "namebrands" inspired by Ebay designers?
Have you had an original IDEA show up in a "wholesale designers"
new seasonal line being mass produced??
Are you worried, your designs will make thousands for someone else?

It was a "trendy chain" who copied my doll clothing designs.
Not as doll clothes but as the next years summer line for girls. That was with a noncompete agreement. They didn't use the designs for doll clothes.
So non compete no good.

I was not copied off Ebay, It was pre*ebay. I had been in their offices, while working with a doll company and had several meetings with their employees.
Here's the deal. These people who "design" for national/ international companies, are no more creative than the designer who opts not to get the degree.
Work from home, sell online or the internet.
Creativity is not learned.
You either got it or you don't.
I have heard the notion laughed about on a few boards,
" do you really think {the designers of massed produced} copy ebay mom's"

well don't laugh too hard, because I know it happens.

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