Tuesday, April 10, 2007

buying minds want to know

Dear X,
I wanted to know if some of the boutique sellers can shed some light on a couple of topics.
1. Why do they do separate auctions for items that are sets. E.g. a jumper, jeans and top that are part of a set. Yes some may one to purchase separately, but then you have to hope that you win the top to go with the jeans. If they are worried about the price, maybe they can start it at their minimum. I know that some will say that how it is done at say Gymboree, but at least there, you can find multiples and several items match up and are not OOAK
2. Why do they sometimes end auctions all at the same time. E.g. all end at 10 :15 am.
3. When do you decide which questions to answer? Some state email me with questions but never answer.

I have to admit I am guilty of number 3. I will read the question and may not have the answer right then, ie measurements etc, and give in to my "ADD" and forget I had a question to answer, or can't find my tape measure and by the time I find it forgot why I needed it. Then see it the next day.. and so on.. and so on. It is rude. I know and I feel bad when it happens.
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