Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gift giveaway #9

Another skillfully painted shirt from Pam of dakota*designs
If you have a youngster in a 3T
who would wear this little drummer boy proudly

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WHich rock and roll singer teamed up with Bing Crosby to sing
The little drummer boy?

Par rum pa pa pum!

Congrats to Chey winner of the tea set with the correct answer to the birthplace of Santa clause.... here is her answer:
In 1860, American illustrator Thomas Nast borrowed from the European stories about Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children, to create Father Christmas (Santa Claus). At this time Nast was LIving in New York City and working for Harper's Weekly.
So My conclusion is that Santa Clause Was born in NY, NY, although I could be WAY off on what you are thinking, this is the only US connection I could fint to Santa.
The only other information is that he was Born at the North Pole, but that is part of Canada's Arctic.

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