Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gift Giveaway #8

I know LOTS of you have a little hostess in the making
On your Christmas list
who would Hollar out in JOY to open this
awesome little tea set.

I LOVE these sets made by Carol of
Be sure to check out her store when you are in the neighborhood
click here
You will win this tea set if you can be the first to answer this question...
at ( put #8) in the title

In the United states
what city and state was Santa Clause Born in ??
That is a tough one... Good luck!!

Congrats to Michelle , winner of the Marilyn Bag in at 7:10 am
Marilyn sang for JFK at his Birthday party!
It's custom BOUTIQUE....made by DesigningMINDS
NO fluff, NO interviews, NO ADS...JUST the Facts...the way it was intended............