Friday, November 17, 2006

A reader asks in a frustration

WHY do bidders cancel their bids??????
she says:
"I just yesterday had a customer retract her bid which made my set go down 100 dollars! I just don't understand why bidders do this. I would love to hear,
even anonymously, why they have done it in the past....
This particular bidder had placed ten bids then retracted and said "entered wrong amount".

Let me tell about a situation I know about. Had a friend just starting out , she had a big bidder finally looking her way and bidding. She emailed me SOOO excited, But alas the excitement didn't last long. A troll in a conflict with the seller saw big bidder, bidding, and emailed bidder, telling her what she was bidding on was junk. ( whether it was or not remains to be seen) Big bidder withdrew bid immediately Seller was bewildered. I was a little wiser
about the ways of the boutique community.

Another reader writes:
Here is our latest troll experience. We have a link to our website on our Me page. Apparently that upsets someone out there and they think it is illegal. We have been turned in two times and each time eBay finds something insignificant that they tell us to change, after our page has been pulled. Why do people do this??

Since this is ANONYMOUS are you a troll?? Do you turn in auctions,and sabotage sellers?? When you have a dispute with a seller do you target their income? Make their life miserable.??
Or are you attempting to level the playing field annoy the competition so MUCH they quit. Are you jealous? or do you do you feel inferior to the sellers you troll.

C'mon TROLLS its your time to shine...

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