Thursday, November 09, 2006

Did you miss me??

I have been getting ready for a 4 day show that started today. I have been working like a dog for 2 days getting everything finished, in about the middle of last night I got up from my painting table crossed the room to rethread the sewing machine for one of my helpers(my 20 yr old son, dont tell his friends) who was hemming for me, got caught up in my tape measure that had fallen from around my neck and FELL Twisted my back, injured both knees, Right arm and as I was going down turned my head sideways heard my neck crack as My head hit the chair he was sitting in. Sore neck and headache ensues. So I just woke up and can hardly walk and think I have whiplash LOL..........When my son saw me on the floor he said, first thought was Million dollar baby. I am okay. BUT just one of those unexpected things that happens, that slows ya down. SO now we are installing guidewires throughout the ceilings of the house that I can attach a harness to in case I trip again, the harness will keep me from going down hard. NOW who's got some gossip???
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