Monday, October 02, 2006

top ten hand painted

  1. Dreaminbohemian paints The green Christmas Grinch which lands her in the number one spot for painted clothing
  2. Allies Art design paints a holiday favorite, and adds a little fur to accent this winter ensemble.
  3. boys painted snowman set lands Dreaminbohemian twice in the top 5
  4. signature*wearn*art goes for the number 3 spot with her blue snowman set
  5. Last but not least dreaminbohemian does it up Greene and red with grinch shoes
Dreaminbohemian just about runs away with the painted top 5. Proving the grinch is still hot after all these years. Allie and signature*wearn*art go with a traditional winter theme . Proving snowmen still melt our hearts.
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