Monday, October 02, 2006

The top ten bags

  1. her husband may have thought she was nuts but prettyinpink320 had the right idea with her shabby rag tote.
  2. Kristsbags hits this spot with an impeccable jackolantern bag.
  3. Kristsbags also finds herself in the number 3 spot with her javabag
  4. prettyinpink320 makes it again in the top 5 with a different but just as shabby rag bag.
  5. treadleart gets a well deverved spot in the top 5 with her Pendleton blanket tote
This is the first time for totes in the countdown. There are some beautiful totes , made by very skillful totemakers on ebay. All of them in the top 5 are fantastic.
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