Wednesday, October 25, 2006

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In the pickin' and grinnin' comment section. So I am a pondering.....ARE sellers obligated to help their buyers resell used Goods??? JUST asking?? I was asked once to spam my mailing list on a resell, I didnt mind BUT problem was, I didnt have a mailing list. so I spammed my family who thought I was bragging that someone was reselling one of my dresses. DESIGNERS is this a new unwritten spamming rule?? and personally see nothing wrong with it.

Dear Designer X

Did you know that a certain BIG ORIGINAL twirl skirt designer is no longer spamming her relists for customers? She used to do this all the time, not anymore.

She has been asked by several of buyers of hers to spam their auctions more than once. She has not helped one bit, and one of them is a HUGE buyer of hers.

Is this the new norm of designers, is it or is it not in their best interest to help spam their buyers sets?

Doesn't it help all of them, I know for a fact she has lost the respect of one and the money of another.
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