Saturday, September 02, 2006

Toxic Group mates and leaders.....

what do you do when you have a Toxic group mate or leader?
You know the member who always has a sad story, is so negative you can't hear another word and you donated hundreds helping her out but it is never enough! Still with the complaints..oye...Then you realize it will never end until you get away.
OR the toxic drama queen who is so caught up in drama she starts creating her own dramas with real people and then
her lies come back to haunt her, when one day she makes the wrong move and all the pieces come together you all start comparing notes finding out they were all lies.
what about the group leaders who are so controlling that they have a revolving door policy.

  1. Go behind her back and move the group?
  2. Give her the cold shoulder and hope she unsubbs herself?
  3. Confront her?
  4. Leave the group and don't look back? What comes around goes around
  5. Kick her out, and slander her all over ebay.
I say number 4 walk away and don't look back....I say that only after losing $500 to a toxic group mate, and getting slapped in the face by a few drama queens..You know what they say once bitten twice shy.

Does that make me Crazy???
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