Friday, September 22, 2006

HEATHER: pssst, Jamie, come here.

JAMIE: (yawns)What do you want? I was sleeping.

HEATHER: Um, I think we've put them all to sleep.

JAMIE: It's official. We've turned this into the most boring blog on the planet.

HEATHER: What were we thinking when we agreed to this? We're IDIOTS!

AMY: Do you think they hate us?

NAT: I don't think hate is possible when you are in a vegetative state.

EMI: What are we going to do?

HEATHER: We could throw them a human sacrifice...they seem to like that?

JAMIE: Well, I have that cool costume tutorial planned.

HEATHER: Yeah, and I was going to do that face painting one. Do you think we still should do it?

EMI: We could just ask them what they want to talk about.

NAT: They kind of scare me.

AMY: shhhh... blog people are like dogs and bees...they can smell fear.

JAMIE: Well they've made it clear they don't want to have a touchy feely girl bonding weekend.

HEATHER: I don't think they like the "rules" either.

JAMIE: But the rules are there to protect us.

HEATHER: I know, Jamie, but it isn't working and really...what fun are rules?

JAMIE: Alright then...let's try again in the morning.

HEATHER: Okay. Jamie?


HEATHER: If people are mean to us tomorrow can I smack them?

JAMIE: NO, You believe in said that this morning.

HEATHER: Crap, I did say that didn't I.

EMI: I want designer X to come back.

AMY: shhh..Remember? Dogs and bees....dogs and bees.
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