Saturday, September 23, 2006

Confessions of an eBay addict

*the following story has been edited for dramatic content and names have been changed to protect the innocent*
At the height of my eBay addiction I could be found bidding on pretty much anything. If it was got my bid. One particularily hard day all that was keeping me sane was the promise of my favorite show on tv that night. When the time came I changed into my pjs, grabbed a blanket and a pillow and settled in for an hour of blissful, mindless entertainment. But was not to be. ALIAS was a repeat that night and thus was the night that I hit rock bottom.
I turned to my friend eBay and began feverishly searching for something to fill the void. And that is when I found this.

At one time it belonged to this man.

I bid on it was pretty. I really never expected to win it and I had no idea that shipping was going to be $17 and that I'd end up paying $8 in duty/custom fees. I can't remember the total cost in Canadian dollars, but it cost me $45 American. It was an expensive enough lesson that it cured me from randomly bidding on things I don't need or even really want.
So, have you ever bought anything that you regret buying?
You don't have to admit that you are an addict like me...although it is the first step towards positive change.
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