Thursday, June 01, 2006

You say Potato I say potodo...

Okay its looks as though my use of the word "defunct" has ruffled a few feathers...Seems it's all in the interpretation. I thought The Stitchinchicks had announced to the world that they were NOW "The chicks" isn't that what you heard?? ( NEW name) Not a also will be known as. But NEW Name.

Which would mean, what was the stitchinchicks no longer exists and that the group formerly known as The stitchinchicks was replaced by "The chicks" so when the members of studioE left "THE GROUP", they were at that time known as the stitchinchicks, which is currently doing business as "THECHICKS"
The stitchinchicks no longer being the correct nomenclature would mean, that the group's name, is inactive, defunct. Which is not saying The people who are still there are defunct. OH NO !! They are Hot and known as a group called "The Chicks"
They are In the top 10 list and kicking shell Turtle style!!!
adj 1: no longer in force or use; inactive;

"The chicks" want you to know they are both still stitchin' and chicks!!
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