Thursday, June 01, 2006

So this is where we left off yesterday....

Well if you thought you knew it all YOU don't!

The leader of the terminated "CafeModele formerly know as The Ebaygirlz" who opened a group called "The ebaygirlz..Ebaygirlskidz" Not to be mistaken for Teg "The ebay girls"that was also closed last week.. Opened yet another group called "The Ebaygirlz cafe Modele" which is the first group reopened. Phew!! did you get all that.

Closing the group was a mistake (hey, have we all been there or what?) and a call is going out to all members to c'mon back!!
Never a dull moment!! This is what I say.." I wanna party with this group!!"
The board is public

Board says...
**For those that TRULY want Ebaygirlz to make a come BACK! in Boutique sharing****Doors are ONLY open for a bit!!**
which leads us to ponder, the appropriate top 5 names for the newly opened group
  1. The Ebaygirlsz..The resurrection
  2. The Ebaygirlz..part deux
  3. The Ebaygirls..remixed
  4. The Ebaygirlz..and the prisoner of Azkaban
  5. and finally The Ebaygirlz..this time it's serious!!

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