Friday, May 15, 2009

here today Gone tomorrow

alive and kickin' with 14 listings
Adagio Bleu Studios
Still crazy after all these years
Addicted to Beauty Boutique
mySisterSam seems to be the only one left addicted to beauty
the rest of them have kicked their addiction, and apparently moved on
All things Boutique
Is still all things Boutique and more. Three pages of boutique items for sale.
Anthology Inc
A collection of literary pieces, such as poems, short stories, or plays OR
one of the busiest groups on ebay. STILL ALIVE
Beau Monde Boutique
Barely alive
Bella Designers Boutique
unless you are buying a leather purse or wood floor......
Bijou & co
Going STRONG!!!
Blossom Leigh Boutique
60 listings put them in the Active category
Bella Luna
Has left the building
Boutique Bellas
very sparse listings.lots of bows.keyword search brings up other products.
Bon Ami
French for something...Maybe active group
Boutique Mini Mall
still going STRONG who da thunk it.
Boutique Eden
seems to be DOA
Boutique Flourish
31 items listed makes this group actively seeking buyers
Boutique Icing
No icing on this cake....
Boutique mommies
These mommies got it goin' on
Boutique Rascals
the rascals are scampering all over ebay boutique
Boutique Wild Child
Ebay has not tamed this wild child still active
Boutique xoxo
Bows Babes
have 22 listings all from the same seller....
Bow Fairies
listing, listing, listing
Bow Betties
Clips, barrettes, and bows OH MY!
Charm St
coochie coochie coo
Couture Moms for Couture tots
one Couture mom...41 auctions...
Creative Designs By Creative Minds
CDCM down for the count
Cremedela Creme Bows
could just be the cremedela creme of bows this seller
is the sole active participant in a few groups
Designed to Match
is mismatched they are....... going going gone
Divine Creations By Christian designers
another lone bowmaker keeping these boutique initials active
Is closed...take the detour
Elan Boutique
Active with 39 listings
No matter how you spell faery, they did not fair well this time
For the Love of Gymboree
Hot Hot Hot
Funky feet boutique
these feet may have been a little too funky, they are all gone
Listing and active

It's custom BOUTIQUE....made by DesigningMINDS
NO fluff, NO interviews, NO ADS...JUST the Facts...the way it was intended............