Monday, February 02, 2009

Are you a designer that has character?

There has been much discussion lately on this blog about designers who "do" characters.

Let's unpack this a little bit...
Designers X & Y want to hear what our readers think!

Many designers do character appliques and paint characters on their custom clothing for children in the boutique world and there are two schools of thought on this, we've been told.

The arguments for doing character wear:
a. it's what people search on ebay, internet, etsy etc.
b. it's popular among kids and parents
c. it brings da coin!

The arguments against copyrighted characters:

It just isn't ethical
It's not right to do your own "Interpretation" of a copyrighted character, it's still infringing
It's unfair to the original artist of the character (i.e., disney, spongebob, etc)
It's illegal to steal someone's ideas or artwork and copy them

If you are a designer that does characters,
we want to hear from you too,
What are your reasons for "doing" them?
Have you ever been busted?
Do you think it's unfair and you should be allowed to create whatever you want?
Do you make more money on character items than your non-character items.

Why do some designers get trolled out and some don't?
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