Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What all the HOOPLA about?

Designer Y is hot on the trail of gathering all the facts & buzz about the Consumer Product Safety Commision & Consumer Product New Safety Regulations That Can/Will/Might Affect all of us WAHM Designing Moms.

There are a lot of rumors, good information as well as misinformation out there, I'm doing my best to sort through it all and bring you the most concrete and definitive answers to the questions we all have about this issue.

We don't want to bring you the wrong information and post hastily, so if you have comments, questions or something you'd like addressed, please comment here, and we'll try to answer it when we come out with our story.

Thanks for your patience, and STAY TUNED to the Designing Minds blog...
we want to bring you the facts you need!
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