Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making Sense of the CPSIA New Guidelines (Product Labeling)

Click here to read the CPSIA legislation

Section 103 deals with mandatory product labeling: you must label your wares geared to children to tell some way of tracking them, when they were made,
the batch number, etc., so that you can go back and tell them if they ever want to know WHO, WHERE, WHAT, WHEN they were made by and who you got each part from
(if supplied by someone else).

You can devise your own code but you need to have the info
on there so that if there is ever a problem, you can go back and answer the questions.

Section 104 also addresses "durable nursery products". These products, such as cribs, high chairs, cradles, bassinets, baby gates etc. (not any of the things you put inside of them or around them,) but the "FURNITURE" OR "GEAR" themselves.
Every maker of these types of products must have a customer registration card with all the pertinent contact info made available to be mailed back (postcard etc) so that if there is ever a recall you can get in touch with the original owners of all your furniture/gear. This must be postage paid by the maker so the consumer incurs no fees in sending it back so they can
easily "register" their ownership of the product.
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