Sunday, December 14, 2008

A lil' history on the CPSIA

(Designer Y wishes to apologize that our regular boutique posting has been derailed at the moment, but this is a very important issue and we want to stay on top of all the news. We'll continue bringing you the info as it becomes available from the CPSC.
Designer Y did in fact receive a response from Patti Bittner, small business ombudsman at the CPSC on Friday night and she is passing along all of our questions to the correct party for clarification so I hope to have more info soon for our readers).

Some History on House Bill 4040:
The Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act~

Here's where this all got started from, I found it interesting that all of the companies were *importers* and all but 1 of the companies imported from China. None of the items that caused this legislation were manufactured domestically, and they were all toys and jewelry.

Take a peek:
Committee on Energy & Commerce
Go to their contact page and leave message about the CPSIA!
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