Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And the Winner is

President Obama
So how are you feeling? How will an Obama presidency affect your family.

I am going to start us off by saying I voted McCain/Palin. I really studied the two and the one thing I believe McCain would do is bring us closer to energy independence. We have 100 years or more of coal, natural gas and oil we can be utilizing in this country. In Alaska Sarah Palin had already gotten the ball rolling on bringing Natural gas to the lower 48. I agreed with their energy policies. The best thing for our country is to be energy independent. We need to use and create ways of using solar, and wind, but that may take many years. Using our own sources of gas and oil in the mean time is a nobrainer. BUT Obama only said he would consider drilling, said he will bankrupt the coal industry, and that was why I went the way I did . Now that he is elected I really hope that is one issue he flip flops on, because I really do believe energy independence is the way to secure our country, and if he doesn't start drilling offshore, China will be here shortly. IMHO
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