Monday, August 11, 2008

Minding my P's & Q's: Blog Etiquette

Designer Y has a few questions about how our readers feel about an important topic...
such as, blog etiquette. I want to hear from all of you!

Tell me what you would do or what you think "Miss Manners" might do if in the same situation.

1. You're notified via email by a business acquaintance that she has added you to her blogroll...
What do you do?
a. Email her back and thank her
b. Email your thanks, and add a reciprocal link on your own blog
c. Nothing

2. You're notified that you're being featured on a blog. The feature includes a link to something you're selling and a link so it may result in a sale for you.
What do you do?
a. Thank the sender of the notification in a return email
b. Cross your fingers that you get a bid or sale out of it
c. Go to the blog where you are featured and leave a comment thanking the blogger
d. Send a thank you email, go to the blog and drop off a comment of thanks, post a small notice about being featured on your own blog
e. Nothing

3. You see a post on a blog that interests you, and you think readers might enjoy something similar you've blogged about.
What do you do?
a. Post a comment with the link to your own blog in it and direct readers there
b. Email the blogger and ask if it's okay if you post your link
c. Write another blog saying you read the other person's blog and it reminded you of your own blog and reference it.
d. Nothing

4. You post a blog and people begin leaving derogatory or mean comments about you, the subject you're blogging about, or the designer you've blogged about.
What do you do?
a. Enable comment moderation for all future blogs
b. Delete any and all mean/derogatory comments
c. Leave the mean comments alone, free speech is a 1st amendment right after all!
d. Watch from the sidelines and jump in if it gets completely out of control.
e. Nothing

Designer Y would hate to commit a blogging faux pas,
so I beg you gentle readers to tell me what to do if faced with these situations!
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