Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free E-Book For Moms In Business

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Pink Power Suit, a mentoring site for enterprising Moms is offering a free ebook download with tips and ideas for Moms thinking about starting a business or for Moms already in business! Read on to get a little taste...

"Many success story write-ups focus on million dollar businesses. I love to read those profiles! But some women have trouble relating to millionaire success. If you can't relate to something, it's hard to feel inspired.

Like beauty, success comes in all shapes and sizes.

Some of you may not be ready for the work and commitment involved with "big business". Perhaps you've only just started to consider a home business at all and you'd be happy to be paying off a few bills.

If so, you'll be inspired by the women featured within this FREE eBook download whom are doing at least that.

*Tracey von Dehn and Lisa Will can shed some light on becoming a mom inventor-- the Stonz bootie has set the bar for cold weather baby footware!
*Tara Holberton has a creative idea for what you can do with an old house and a bread machine, that could bring in $2000-4000 a month!
*Marlynn Jayme Schotland's press coverage will have you convinced that you don't have to be in a low competition business to get noticed! "
* (from Pink Power Suit's site)
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