Monday, July 28, 2008

Why Not?

Why Not Give Etsy a try?

Click the banner to open an etsy account, to sell or buy!

Know someone who loves one-of-a-kind items?
(You perhaps?)
They will love it there! With over 1.7 million handmade and vintage goods available on Etsy, they are sure to find that special something. Plus, shopping on Etsy means you are buying directly from independent artists and designers. There is a person and a story behind every item, and each is made with the care and attention that you just can't find in mass-produced goods.

Know someone who makes things?
(Designer Y knows a few.......)
You're invited to join the creative community on Etsy. It's free to become a member and free to open your own online shop. We charge just 20 cents per four-month listing and a 3.5% commission on each sale. We offer a tremendous amount of resources, advice and support to help artists with their creative businesses. With over 12 million visitors each month, having your creations on Etsy offers you and your work a great deal of exposure.
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