Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Chore Challenge

Designer Y is a mom with young children, just like you. She's a designer and a WAHM, just like you too. She's always looking for ways to simplify life around the Y Ranch with the lil' cowpokes, just like you!

Here is a great idea gleaned from author and mom mentor, Trish Berg

"You want to raise kids with character, compassion and courage. Not a simple task in this world of chaos! An easy way to get started is to set up a Family Chore Auction for your school-aged children... These simple tools will help your children understand what you expect of them, and help you reward positive attitudes and behavior. You’ll keep your sanity and the whole family will have fun in the process!"

How to Hold A Family Chore Auction, Click Here

I'm going to do this TODAY with my children. Let us know if you tried it and what the results were!
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