Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am always thinking

Of things that would be funny
so I had this great idea for a candid camera skit
ya know like you are on a bowling league and
you don't bring your own ball you just use the
balls of the other team members

Well a few years ago I was on a bowling league.
I was sharing a ball with my friend April she had a turquoise swirly ball.
One week we were bowling and the team we were bowling against seemed very rude to me.
They kept staring at me...giving me the stink eye.
"I was like WHAT is your problem?"
I told my team mates to watch because I was worried I was paranoid or something.
So April gets up to bowl and I notice she is using a black house ball.
I was like "where is your ball??"
she said "Oh I forgot it"
I turned and looked at the other team and said
"UH who's ball have I been using?"
One woman spoke up annoyed and said "MINE!"
When I say I was ROTFLMAO you can believe me, I was.
I explained what happened and we all had a nice laugh.
Now how odd is that?? My thoughts came true.
It was as funny as I thought it would be... For me anyways.
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