Friday, April 11, 2008

The 7 deadly sins of Ebay

For eBayers these are the worst mistakes you can make if you are trying to make a career or a part time job as sellers. Avoiding these simple mistakes will make sure you are not wasting time, money or spending too much on fees. The 7 sins, listed in no particular order are:

1. Having a store or an anchor store when not needed: If you are listing just auction items, or don't have a high inventory a store is worthless. You don't need it as you are pretty much just wasting $15 a month. If you are using a store just for the phone support or for marketing, that may be a different story, but you don't need a store to be successful. If you notice most of the bigger ticket sellers, coin sellers and many other very sellers do not have stores. Anchor stores also are in this category. What a waste of money!! I can not fathom any reason to have one of these overpriced programs.

2. Listing items for the wrong amount. Make sure you study the eBay listing fee structure table before you list an item. Never list an item for a dollar as it bumps your listing fee from .20 to .40. The same for listing an item for 25.00. if you listed it at 24.99 your insertion fee is .60 instead of $1.20. Your reserve price is actually the fee your listing is based on so remember that when listing.

3. Opening any email that is not in your "My Messages" from eBay. You may get lucky once or even a few times, but pretty soon opening these emails will allow someone to take over your account. Always play it safe, you can forward any email to to see if it is real first.

4. Wrong spelling on your titles. If you put in a wrong letter, or forget a letter your item all of a sudden loses its searchability. There are many eBayers who purposefully search wrongly spelled words in order to get a better deal. Check your spelling before listing.

5 .Expecting that eBay will remove a negative feedback. That is not going to happen. It has to be a very special occasion for eBay to remove any feedback, so be cautious about the feedback you leave if you do not want a negative in return.

6. Using just any dropshipper. Dropshippers are so hit and miss, more often miss than anything. If you use a dropshipper make sure you have a very unique item. If you have not done extensive research I would not recommend using dropshippers.

7. Bidding on your own item, or a friends item. Not only is this a federal offense(aka Fraud) but eventually eBay will catch you and suspend your account. The first suspension may only be a 14 day restriction, but more often than that it is straight removal with no chance of appeal.
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