Friday, September 14, 2007


She is the angel baby that will touch your heart!
A few days before this past Christmas, Kayla's parents were given the devastating news that all parents fear, their baby had cancer - Stage 4-S Neuroblastoma. Kayla was just shy of 4 months old.
On December 26th, 2006, the day after her first Christmas, Kayla was admitted to Children's Hospital in Denver, where she would embark on a grueling journey of tests, surgeries and chemotherapy.
Kayla fought like the bravest little girl and there were times when all looked so bleak, yet amazingly this little warrior princess pulled through time and time again, humbling all of us that followed her story, that there must be a divine power watching over her.
After 6 weeks in the Hospital Julie and Jason got to take their beautiful daughter home again! Happy and Healthy!
Life was good again. Julie left her job as a controller to care for Kayla full time. Kayla had lots of catching up to do with her other baby friends. Rolling, sitting up, crawling, standing. In the past few weeks Julie has been anxiously preparing for a huge milestone, Kayla's FIRST birthday!! I am sure there were times when Julie and Jason never thought they would see this day.
Then suddenly, Kayla began to not feel well, she was cranky and refused food. Julie worried but many of us other mommies assured her it was nothing to worry about, that all of our babies were teething. Even Kayla's own doctor at her check up felt it wasn't cancer related, more likely a stomach bug.
Sadly that was not to be the case with Kayla. On Monday July 24th, acting on mother's instinct Julie took Kayla back to Children's Hospital in Denver to be evaluated. It was then that she and Jason were yet again given the news that the cancer had returned, and this time the cancer meant business. It had not only returned in her abdomen but metastasized to both her lungs and her bone marrow. She is officially a Stage 4 cancer patient. Kayla is 11 months old.
Julie describes it simply as "we seriously feel like we are in a living nightmare".
We are a group of women who came together for the most joyous moment of our lives, the birth of our babies. Yet today we stand together to support Julie, Jason and Kayla in any way we can. This website is to get the word out there and raise awareness of Pediatric Cancers and the need for more research and a cure. Kayla could be any of our children, we are so blessed. We can only imagine the emotional toll on the Weber's this is and we pray we never know their pain first hand. But there is also a financial toll. Julie and Jason are young, Kayla is their first and only child, and they want to spend every moment by her side. Jason is a student and works in construction. They are living on only Jason's salary and while they do have medical insurance the day-to-day expenses of traveling to Denver for chemo treatments, medical co-payments, meals, coffee let alone their household expenses is overwhelming.
For the last 4 years I've ran the Breast Cancer Charity Auctions, but for our 5th year, Kayla and other children with Pediatric Cancers need our help. If you are interested in learning more about this year's charity auction, please sign up to our ebay board here:
or feel free to email me directly at:
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