Thursday, August 09, 2007

Show #68 Lip Smackers Challenge and Organization!

Amelia drops in with her new Fashion Forward Friday Challenge this week - it’s “Lip SMACKERS”. Blog about your fave lip color and show us your kisser, be sure to comment here in our shownotes and link back to your post.

***Participate in our Fashion Forward Friday this week and be entered to win a FREE Month long Banner Ad on Boutique Cafe in our Market! Amelia will draw the winner from all those who join in and announce in her next segment on BC.****

Need some help with Back to School? Maja is back with step #1 in her series for getting our kids ready for back to school, and our homes in tip top shape. Join in her Challenge and give “Martha” a run for her money

Megan also shares the Boutique News this week including launches, advertising opps, special discount codes and MORE! Send your boutique news to if you have something to share!

See you on Boutiquecafe for your "cup of couture and so much more"!

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