Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I am back!!!

Can a blog survive its writer being gone for so long??? I paid $300 to have internet in my booth at the fair but was so busy I never got the chance to do much online. Everytime I would get into doing a post or something I would get a customer. SO .......

what a trip home I thought we would breeze thru it BUT mother nature had other ideas. I had 20 minutes of driving thru violent thunderstorm . Lightening 60 mph wnd and sheets of rain and hail. I pulled off and stayed at econo lodge for the night. When we woke up the next morning there were power lines down, and a semi truck rolled over on its side. I have driven thru lots of storms , blizzards, but this one scared me enough to pull off.

BUt we are back and getting used to being home again for a few weeks and then we leave for Missouri...until then getting back to the old grind.
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