Thursday, August 23, 2007

Have you ever

Been in such a FUNK where nothing is interesting, nothing tastes good, you have no ambition
and yet you have a million things to do...Could be what My problem is. I am trying to get back into the swing of things and cant get myself to the computer. Maybe my son , by limiting me of the computer time was able to cure me of my computer addiction. It's not just that I feel bored it is more overwhelming... overwhelmed. I have a 4 day show coming up labor day weekend. In Missouri, and 3 more in the month of September. My purse guy is heading to Oklahoma for the state fair there and then on to Arizona. But at our fair now.

SO what IUD am going to do is wee wee thru the emails and delete anything pre august 20th. NOT cuz I didn't like you BUT because I like me and dont want to make myself look like a nincompoop when I print features weeks old. I just want to get back to being current with features

Looks like it is time for LOTS of new features and news and I will have an empty mail box ready to roll. I will look for something funny on youtube to brighten up the day.....
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