Friday, August 03, 2007

Finally here

I don't have much time.....We left at 7 pm, my son had an ear infection when we left. He had gotten an rx for drops BUT by the time we got 6 hours into the trip we were looking for an emergency room. Flagged a highway patrol on the Illinois tollway, who sent us to Rockford Hospital. 3 hours in there and a tube in his ear and a bottle of $70 antibiotics, MORE EARDROPS and we are on the road again thru Chicago during Morning rush hour UGH with NO sleep. Got to our destination about 3 pm next day...Set up show got to bed at Midnight slept until 6 am and had to be up bright and early for the first of 12/ 10 hour days at Wisconsin state fair.

I am going to get a chance to get to the features tomorrow. we just got internet in our booth today.
9 days left and counting.....
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