Monday, July 09, 2007

Today I feel Like a million bucks

You know when you get clarity, and you get to see the big picture. My blog has once again spawned a hate blog. I was there once to read the comments directed to me. I was just there again. I was able to read the comments as an outsider and it seems to be all mean spirited bickering and it dawned on me. This is what I have had to moderate everyday for the last year or so. I have become numb to it. I read all the hateful things people said about me and nothing, I felt nothing.
I didn't care and it didn't hurt me. The shoe didn't get put on the other foot. I just read it like I was reading my horoscope. Numb. I am just numb to it all. All the anonymous posters day in and day out, no names, no faces.
When I moderated. I really got to the point where I think I just scanned for names in the comments and whatever else was there, got published. Like an emotionally challenged robot.

I started this blog to have fun, to be fun. But mainly to showcase all the newcomers, and the new groups as well as the better known. AND gossip FUN gossip.

Have you ever heard when you lay with dogs, you'll get fleas, or they will eat you alive. A person can't help but be influenced by the company you keep. The Bickerson's have been my constant companion. Someone said I have become one of them. Huh. I need to make a point of not becoming one of anybody... I guess it takes a Boutique shrink's dime store psychology to finally drive that point home.

Note: I am not part of the Boutique shrink and do not know who it is. Still don't know who Evileena was, don't want to know anymore and am just starting to reaquaint myself with me.
I always look for the silk purse and pass the open windows.
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