Thursday, July 12, 2007

I am stopping in!

I am checking in from the Casino, I have a room here. We are at the Moondance Jam selling our "Ugly cheap purses" ( as they were reffered to LOL.) I have a 10 x 20 booth Directly in front of the stage. We were there yesterday at 11 am and sold our last purse at 1:30 am. DEF LEPPARD was amazing!!!! There at least 30,000 people in the crowd and this was weird 50% over the age of 40. I dont know why that surprises me. Loverboy was awesome... Def Leppard took the stage at 11 pm, the crowd by the stage had been carrying these large beer mugs
and they all lit up when the Band came on.

Of course their encore, Rock of ages..really rocked the crowd..It is really alot of hard work, but lots of fun!! My niece and nephew were camped next to our booth my sister and her guy arrived today. My son said last night how surreal, to smell all the campfires (this place has 8000 camping spots) Be in our booth selling and Def Leppard on the stage...
So far so good!!!! I am going to check emails and get anything up if I get more computer time..
There are 2 tattoo booths here I am tempted to get
"The Mind" tattoo'ed on my forehead.!!!

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