Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You think things are bad here

Since we have been on the subject of being mean on blogs and forums...
My son was telling me about a site Blabbermouth.net
"Users can post comments to selected news articles and album reviews, either in response to other user comments or in response to the article itself. This has attracted trolls and criticism from many musicians.

Blabbermouth.net has been criticized by musicians and music industry persons for internet trolls (users that make derogatory comments) and news posts that are unrelated to heavy metal or hard rock. This has included news articles about Gene Simmons (KISS), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), and Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. Krgin (owner) said he posts these articles to attract humorous comments from users, and as relief from the constant monotony of album news. In particular, articles relating to Durst appeared after he apparently lied about the number of female celebrities he slept with; "he was doing a good job of keeping himself in the press all the time. Ultimately, the media overexposure contributed to his band's diminished record sales with their most recent album, and the downward spiral is sure to carry over into the next album cycle. In the end, no one will give a sh!t about Fred is sleeping with or not sleeping with, and that fate, for someone like Fred Durst, will be worse than death."

However, Simmons responded by calling Blabbermouth.net "the reason I get out of my bed in the morning; and yes, I sleep on a mattress stuffed with $100 bills." Tommy Lee responded on his blog: "If you go to the postings you will see moronic statements by many who have never had a child drown in their swimming pool," calling users "wicked pissah. Recently Dave Mustain of the band Megadeth wrote the song "Sleepwalker" about the fantasy of killing internet posters.....

Why are people more free to express their dark side online..??

There is no general agreement on the causes of flaming, although a recent study has led to somewhat conclusive evidence. Some common hypotheses are:

  1. Egocentrism causes us to think we know a writer's tone 90% of the time, although we only are correct about 56% of the time. This leads us to misinterpretation of the writer's intended meaning, causing flame wars.
  2. The lack of body language and voice inflection make it difficult to show emotions in a nuanced way, and the relative anonymity means that it is felt less dangerous to use heated language.
  3. In forums and chats, there is usually no other way to express your opinion than by writing. Not writing can be interpreted as "giving up". And opinions and ideas stated a long time ago can be forgotten, causing a need to repeat them. According to this view, a good system for Computer Supported Argument Visualisation (CSAV) might help to clarify the issues without repetition. Sometimes, however, there is a disagreement on so fundamental criteria, that it is not even possible to agree on a structure of the issues and arguments.
  4. It is reasonable to consider that some forms of flaming can be attributed to deeper social or psychological weaknesses, probably from lack of exposure to a broader spectrum of disciplines that result in self-control issues.
so what's your reason?
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