Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dear X,

I am a designer who has never ever listed a "character" set. I always thought the Mickey, and his friends (example) were trademarked or under some sort of copyright, but now I see them so often I'm thinking there must be some sort of legal way to use them?
If not, how do all these designers get away with it if it is illegal? Has anyone actually had trouble with Ebay due to using others trademarked characters? I see these items sell very well so I know why the designers are willing to use someone else's artwork for profit, I just need to know if it's as risky as I have always thought it to be. And what would happen if I listed one myself? I really could use that kind of money.
What about the buyers? I see lots of people mentioning copying on my boutique boards, how they don't like to see a designer copy another designer, but apparently it's ok to copy someone who is not an Ebay designer? I heard once that a child in bootleg Mickey outfit was denied access to Disneyland, is this some sort of boutique urban legend?

I have never heard that Urban legend... I assume people just do the sets without permission, I want to say though that it does look like when you do a trademarked character, but i know someone who decided to try a few They didn't sell that for5 any more money than what she usually makes... go figure
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