Friday, May 25, 2007

a question for BUYERS!!

I have a question for buyers regarding shipping insurance. Would you rather have the buyers increase their S&H amount by $1.30 (or more if auction is over $100) to include insurance, or leave insurance as optional to the buyer? Or, the seller could check the box that will make insurance mandatory, and will add the appropriate amount when buyer goes to pay. However if a buyer doesn't read the auction carefully they might not realize this extra cost until after the auction ends, and I'd hate to tick anyone off.

As a seller, I've always left this optional because buyers might not want the inflated S&H. I do say that I won't be responsible for lost packages because I want to discourage any scammers. However if a package actually got lost I would definitely replace the item, unless for some reason I was SURE that it was a scammer. (There is that scammer out there that was discussed here not long ago--she tried to scam one of my friends that way, by saying she never got the package. Unfortunately those types of people are out there.)

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