Friday, May 18, 2007

oh the RUMORS, the rumors

If you have been reading the comments...
.The rumors are running rampant on the blog.

Many of you have made comments about shill bidding. I have to mention this. I was over at some guys house, I met him off craigslist. I was buying record albums from him for my purses. He was telling me what a great deal craigslist is after all it's FREE. He then went on to tell me "Ebay is such a hassle! After all you have to list it, then you have to contact all your friends you have made from coast to coast to bid on it so You don't lose your a$$ on the item and You want to make sure to add a few bucks in the shipping to make up the difference. I was shocked. He just admitted to shill bidding. Common place among him and his friends. I also know a book seller, and shill bidding is common place among her, and other bookers.

Makes me not want to bid anymore, on anything. Combine that with outrageous shipping and who really wants to buy anything on Ebay anymore.

I would like to add to the people who made the "go sew or something" comments.
It is not the designers recognizing the shill bidding , if and when it happens. As much as it is the buyers who are outing the same names over and over. Who investigate, and uncover the crime. Then that gets passed on.....

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