Monday, May 21, 2007

Here is a topic for ya!!!

A reader asks:

Free modeling services
(actually it's not free because you have to pay for
shipping to and from).

The real question I have is what do you do when:
- the pictures are grainy or otherwise cr@p
- they didn't stick to the idea or theme you wanted photographed AT ALL, and
- they can't reshoot because they waited too long to photograph it
- they got a stain or tear on your item
- they don't keep in contact with you
- they keep forgetting to return the outfit
- they say they'll ship to the buyer but it gets sent two weeks after the buyer
has paid?

Keep in mind that all these things happened even though you were very clear with
your instructions before sending the outfit out.

Photographing outfits is hard work so I compensate my models even when their
services are free. However with my last few experiences with free modeling
services I think I'll stick to my manniquin and learn how to take better
pictures myself.

Why oh why can't someone find a way to let other designers know who is not
reliable before another one of us gets burned? And what if the mom/model team
is fairly well-known with lots of friends who would think you are a meanie for
even mentioning it?
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