Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dear X

Why oh why can't we all act like we do in real life?? There are so many posts lately about mods, shilling, copycats..blah blah blah! Why can't people just get over it and stop whining and crying about the boutique world on ebay?? It's so not what real life is about. I'm sure that 99% of these women don't act the way they "type" in their real lives. If everyone would just stop griping, complaining, and talking mean..they could get a lot of productive work done. Just do your thing, do your best, create your best and that should be good enough!! Who cares what so and so is doing or how much $$ they are making!! Act like the wonderful women you are in the real world and life will be so much brighter for everyone!!
"Tired of all this whining"

"I guess sometimes you need a place to "unload" the negativity. This seems to be the place whether I want it to be that way or not. This is THE PLACE they come. It is unfortunate, but the subjects you mention...shill bidding, backstabbing mods, and copycats, really happen in "real life" and doggone it if, sometimes you just HAVE to vent or you might explode. The fact that it spills out here may be due to the fact that when they can post anonymously, without retaliation, you get some pretty blunt, honest and mean comments. Raw emotion. Like it or not it is all a part of real life. The best part about it is YOU can chose not to read it, you can also take the information and go forth wiser, therefore going about your happy life ....HAPPY"
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