Monday, May 07, 2007

Dear X,
This question is for all the stay at home moms who also sell their boutique items on ebay. What are your plans for the summer??
Do you put yourself on a schedule with your kids..meaning, do you have planned things to do each day? How do you fit in your sewing without ignoring your kids? Especially the Moms who don't sew at night. I would like to know how you'll plan your do you keep the kids happy and your business going strong on Ebay? Do you have a calender all mapped out with times and days planned? This Ebay Mom would love to hear how other Ebay Moms plan their summers without having to quit Ebay all together. Many suggestions needed!! Please. I don't want to end the summer with my kids spending all their time on the couch watching Hannah Montana!!!!! HELP!
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