Monday, May 28, 2007

Anonymous said

Anonymous said...

I wish the references to high school would stop.

X says: I hate the term also, It was the reader who referred to the blog as high school.

High school was kind of tame compared to the comments I see here. Teenagers are immature and do stupid things.

X says:Alot of the women in the boutique community are YOUNG mothers just out of high school. But hey everyone has an opinion they want heard.

Some of the ADULTS (also MOTHERS) that make horrible comments on here must really have some nasty crap going on in their lives. Take note, your KIDS are learning from YOU (and they will be in high school soon!) Why don't you use this blog to PRACTICE the use of courtesy to others.
X says: I don't think you have to have nasty stuff going on in your life necessarily, to speak out against something you feel isn't right or disagree with.

This blog is a great help to those interested in online boutique, and if it had a nicer undertone in the comments section we'd see more of the "popular" designers commenting here.

x says: whew! (undertone .an underlying quality or element; undercurrent: )

First of all...the undertone is so very personal to each reader. There are MANY comments I read as honest responses, that others read as a personal attack. IF the comment is really MEAN I either don't publish it or if it does get by I remove it the second I am called on it.

your comment has the undertone of superiority to I wrong?

Second of all YOU just wrote one the most annoying and HILARIOUS sentences I have ever read. Who are you to say the commenter's here ARE NOT popular?? I don't know who is posting so how can you assume only the unpopular of ebay boutique are here. UGH!!! UNLESS of course you feel that you and your friends are the most popular and you do not comment here.

They were here in the beginning and the nastiness alienated them. The fact that they did show up in the beginning might mean that they want another forum to comment in .

X says: Oh my dear....there are nasties in every perceived level in this community. Trust me. Popular and unpopular. In fact let me tell you I removed MORE nasty posts in April of 2006-November of 2006 than I have since. I don't know.....what does that mean??

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