Sunday, May 27, 2007

after a long puppy break

We have to get back to it. Does it surprise ANYONE that people who are left out, kicked out, or
leave a group due to problems are going to have "a beef" When they see their former group mates go on to form other groups, they wont feel a twinge of rejection all over again. Or a twinge of annoyance they were left out. After all weren't they all friends?? That these people MIGHT even leave a negative comment or two when the group is mentioned. The high school shenanigans don't start here. They start long before. The hurt, jealous, and annoyed feelings come out here. As much as you would like to call the comments on this blog HIGH school. This isn't high school. The least you can do is take responsibility for the reason the comments are here in the first place. Read the comments carefully you will see the messages. As I have said MANY times. I am not the reason for problems in your group.

In response to the comment that this blog has changed....I say YES it has, in a way. When I first started I wrote about every group, Now several groups and sellers have asked that I do not now or ever mention them...Leaving me with less and less to post about on the blog. The comments are exactly the same as they have always been. If the blog has changed, it is you that has changed it.

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