Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Virgina school shootings, and others

ARE you Raising a BULLY???

I was sick about the tragic shootings at Virginia tec. Hits home because one of my kids is in college right now. It is very scary. I saw a comment made on this blog that the shooter was some one's baby. That is true, and unless he was born a madman, which he could have been, something else, went wrong along the way.

Everyone in the media is blaming Television, video games even trying to find out what song he listened to over and over. Matched up one of his pictures to a scene from a movie. But I heard one report that as far as I am concerned gets to the root of the problem, and every other situation like this. Fellow students said he was bullied in school as he grew up. Wow, the common thread emerges. Every student who has gone in and murdered classmates was teased in school.

NOTHING can cause rage and hatred, or self hatred more in young people than being picked on and bullied by your peers. Most people overcome it, some don't.
For some kids that is just too much and push's them over the edge. Being bullied day after day.
There should be zero tolerance for bullying.
Bullies should be isolated they and their parents should be made to go through counseling to learn how to be respectful of other human beings before their kids are let back in school.

From students to TEACHERS... Everyone should be accepted, and feel comfortable when they go to school, or out in public. Not only does it cause situations like these school shootings. But how many kids suicides are committed over not being accepted and bullied in school..(the two young brothers in England, murder suicide, they couldn't take the teasing and bullying anymore so one shot the other, then himself one morning on his way to school.) How sad .

As Parents you have all the power over how you raise your kids. You lead by example. The next time you make a rude comment about a fat person, someone who is different or someone of another color. STOP and make sure there aren't tiny ears and eyes taking it all in.

IT starts at HOME!

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