Monday, April 30, 2007

This just in

This reader wants to know...who do you consider a good boutique painter? A painter of jeans, sneakers, tees? I'd love to get a rating on best to worst. I've seen some items lately that look like my 5 year old painted it! Do people really look at that and say "WOW!!" or are they like me and say...OMG! That's just awful?? Even if I tried to do it...I wouldn't list it if it looked like some of the things I've seen lately. Don't get me wrong...there are some amazing painters on Ebay. But some of these people are wasting there time having big models model their items. Just my 2 cents!

"Hmmm, Well all I can say is there are good painters on ebay,, if you are lookin for design I imagine You can see that before you buy it, as far as quality. I would go with someone who has feedback reflecting repeat business. I would imagine they were happy if they repeated the experience. Other than that I can't rate the painters"
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