Thursday, April 05, 2007

Is it real?? and do you want to know

designer X,
I have a question.... The topic is about designers disclosing when they use pre-appliqued materials in their sets from places like Target, Linens and Things, Pottery Barn, etc.

I personally have no issue buying sets that have "pre-appliqued" pieces, but I want to know that they were pre-appliqued. I do not think designers need to disclose who made the pre-appliqued fabric, but should mention it was not hand-made by them.

I think some of the sets I have seen with this in auction are borderline misleading, and only because I have friends who sew, and shop at some of these mentioned stores have I been able to start spotting this. It is a real shame too, when I think of some of the artists on ebay that spend I am told several hours appliquing themselves, besides the really artistic ones who create their own work, not from coloring books (which that in itself is fine and hand-made too)

Misleading....or no big deal???
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