Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to the blog

On April 15th of 2006 I started this blog, as designer X. I posted anonymously so that I could write and post about the boutique community as a whole, as I found humor in so many things that went on in the boutique community.

What has happened over the past year? Well for one the blog is still here. I never thought about how long it would make it , only that it was fun at the time. Now looking back over the year has been fun....I decided to sum it up for ya!

the hot sellers were:
  1. Sweet Feet Boutique
  2. Monalisaboutique
  3. MamaPatrice
  4. Cute as a bug
  5. Daruca
  6. Sweetbettyco
  7. Cutie Patootie Boutique
  8. Mamapatrice
  9. KippyDoodles
  10. Eileenskids
This is same week One year later
  1. Mylilpixie
  2. Sew.cute.on.you
  3. Sweetbettyco
  4. tiny*toes*boutique
  5. monalisaboutique
  6. Thecharmedchild
  7. Carolinesclosetboutique
  8. Srann
  9. Sweetbettyco
  10. southernsasscouture
Sweetbettyco and Monalisaboutique remain obvious favorites in our community.
also in April........
Rachel Culp of Mydeepbluec was on the cover of Sewnews....A CBD upset happens with a mass exodus,and we met the Jills.
In May wagglepop reopened, we learned about Flaming, and MaryAnne of Pink*papillon is chosen "soft flex's" designer of the year
In June Brittany Spears posed Naked, I found out I was a gifted adult, the blog did it's first real press release, we learned Farbenmix was a word and the mini mall hunted man. We discussed camel toe of the foot, and learned about the muffin top.
In July Nancy Langdon designer of Studio Tantrum and Boose*gumps hit the scene, Amy Butler lands in the hall of shame, the Pirate trend takes off, we learned about Goofbay, and 7thave goes thru an overhaul. In July my favorite launch took place. Hosted by Nikkiknits, all 50 states represented, and then some. Some creative ensembles came out of that Launch. Last summer
House of telsa sold fur colors, Boutique Village opened its community room, and Ivy Lane experiences an upset. Fall brought guest hosts to the blog, only the brave took the leap, Creative design got a knew name, I tried to auction off the blog, we paid homage to My-Angel Sophie and Steve Irwin was tragically killed. October, one of my favorite months, introduced us to Hyena cart, The pink tulip does feature interviews for the blog and Designer X woke up one morning and unveiled her identity . Late fall turned cloudy with the "purported outing" of Evileena and the BDB implosion. The boutique Godfather took it to the mattress, and the blog recieves record hate mail. The giving spirit of Christmas bring out the blogs First coloring contest, and OUR first Christmas giveaway. Since the first of the year we have been introduced to Etsy, not only the mankini, but the mantutu. Baby leggs from justkiddn, and "youcan makethis" is featured on local TV. Journal Modiste introduces several new features including a "my launches" and "designer offered Free shipping" links, and the blog featured one of my favorite videos.sent in by a reader.."My hands are bananas"

We were introduced to many characters who took up space in the comments section. The names were hysterical. One of the funniest was "monkeybutter" . Only one though became known throughout the boutique community, Evileena. Evileena started out as a funny and confusing character. Over time though, her comments became (just as confusing ) but more pointed and mean. Some were unpublishable. Many designers became her target. She started her own blog, and became a target herself, and in the end, although never officially outed was taken down. Many people thought she made the blog fun. Those of us who couldn't understand her.
Her last comment on the blog was just a week or so ago, which went unpublished, said she started Evileena for a purpose and her mission was accomplished and Evileena will not be back. .....

Any regrets??? Designer x still gets the occasional hate mail, still publish's 50% of what comes in. I am afraid I may have lost a few friends, made some enemies of people I never knew, for that I am sorry, nothing has ever been a personal vendetta for me, I still remain neutral and try to find humor where there is none . The people who really know me... they are still there. So that's all that matters. As the blog rolls on..... Happy Birthday DM!!

It's custom BOUTIQUE....made by DesigningMINDS
NO fluff, NO interviews, NO ADS...JUST the Facts...the way it was intended............