Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cuddle*me is asking you all....

For a little prayer:

Last Fall, my little sister, my only sister, contacted me after 5 years of not speaking to me and wanted my help. ( We cut off contact when she began too consistently asking for money and I had a feeling something wasn't "right") She was in her words "leaving her husband for a better life". Together, they have 4 children ages 10, 9, 4 & 2. So I went about helping her out. I moved her things into a home that was far from perfect but I did what I could. I asked for donations for her & the kids to help them get on their feet and gave money (which I didn't have leaving me with racked up credit cards). Then in January, we got a call that her home was stormed with Va. State Troopers, Sheriffs Dept. etc... I freaked out. I called our father because at the same time, her husband had been threatening to kill her and so that's what I thought had happened. We had no idea where the children were etc...But it wasn't. She had been harboring a felon in her home & he was arrested.
Because of this, my parents went to Social Services & filed for custody of all 4 kids where they have had them ever since. We've been to court twice since then and go back the first week of June. The children were taken from my sister & her husband due to the drugs, neglect and other charges that have surfaced. It's just been a nightmare! Needless to say, my sister isn't speaking to me again, lol. But worse, she rarely contacts the children. The kids father has seen the children only twice this year.
The two older girls are in therapy now, the mentions below were discovered in the first session...and they have been very open with me in what has been going on with them & their parents. Horror stories you'd never expect to hear from a child. The oldest has told me & the therapist that she has watched as her parents & other family members (husbands side) and her mom's "friends".... "stick needles in their arms and fall asleep leaving me to watch the kids till the next day". "Left us locked in the van on 'Junkyard Hill' while momma took bags of stuff and sold it to people and came back and picked us up half an hour later". " we watch her crunch up blue pills and something white, into powder and she takes her tea straw, cuts it in half & sticks it in her nose and sniffs it up". "sticks salt rocks in their pipes & hold lighters under it while they smoke it" and "always making their own cigarettes that smell really funny and makes us sleepy".
I didn't know what to say. I just sat & listened as this SWEET 10 yr old girl kept spilling these unbelievable stories. If I had ever known this was going on, I'd have taken the children from them LONGGGGGGGG AGO!!!
So, as I said, we go back to court in June. We are hoping the judge will make a decision then and the kids will forever been in my & my parents custody. The children (two oldest) has made it VERY clear that they do not want to go back with either parent but does love them. We understand. But we do not know if the judge will listen to what they have to say or not. We just don't know. But the fact that my sister has failed every drug test since this started, shows no interest in visiting or calling the kids, has asked the kids to lie to the judge etc... we just don't know what they will do.
If you are still with me at this point, PRAY... PRAY FOR EVERYONE. If you have a prayer chain etc.. at your church, put this email in that box! PLEASE!"

(this was sent in, it is not from me, Thanks for all the emails, sending prayers I am sure she will appreciate it)

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