Tuesday, April 03, 2007

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Anonymous said...

"ebay is such a joke when it comes to selling clothes, whether you make them or not...the LAST thing you want to be is associated with eBay. If you want to be respected as a "real" designer...get off ebay. It makes you look cheap. I don't care how much you get for your outfits."

Them's fightin" words!!!
Sometimes a comment is so irritating you just have to take a stand. I know this is just one persons opinion BUT the experience is so different.

There is nothing wrong with being a successful "Ebay Brand" Nothing. I can honestly say, I have done every kind of selling of my product. With sales in the 6 figures several years ( that is a lot for ONE painter) Wholesale, home party plan, trade, craft and art shows, crafter malls, and mall kiosks( retail) and boutiques.

I have had the highest profit margin from my ebay sales than any other venue. NO lease, booth fees, no employees, no insurance, unemployment taxes, Soc security tax, travel expense, etc. And NO theft.

$14.95 a month for a store is the price of what,? a meal for 3 at Wendy's. That is dirt cheap Compare that to a 50% cut for wholesale, and your sales reps fees. Or $6000 for rent in any mall at Christmas time. The last year I was at a mall My lease contract for the year was $50,000.00 you have to be highly productive to cover just your rent. Wholesale?I just got my contract for the Las Vegas Kids show in August. Booth fees start at $3250 for a 10x 10 booth, go to $4000 for a 6x20. That doesn't include travel meals and you have to pay for your display, with all the setup, the promoter might give you a bad location and you may not sell a single thing. I was pursued by Nordstroms to do a line for them, but I had to promise to take back what didn't sell..... who benefits from that? they do. I know a few companies with $50,000 plus on the books, uncollected debt from BOUTIQUES.
Retail? add to that the inventory YOU have to carry. To do a decent show you need upward of $20,000 in finished product. I still have several thousand dollars worth, of inventory in storage I need to sell off.
On ebay, I can sell as many as people want, and the overrun is VERY little.

My online ebay business costs me 10% , compared to the average 35%, and NONE of the stress. I don't consider what I do A JOKE. Far from it. I don't consider my customers a JOKE, I really find Ebays boutique community Very unique. And the bottom line... I still sell to the public, and some stores. I haven't run across the discrimination the commentor has. Selling on ebay has never stopped that. In fact, Actually, I have used pictures of Sophie and other higher profile models in my booth display at public shows. I have not been to one show yet that these girls are not only recognized, but celebrated. The customers get almost giddy, when they realize who I am . Get excited to tell their friends all about the models, like they are celebs. It is a really fun experience, You don't know until you experience it NOBODY has ever made a joke of it.

Who cares that your line is "in boutiques"
It's all about the dollars. I don't need the prestige,
when you come out ahead in the pocket book. That's what it is all about.
It's custom BOUTIQUE....made by DesigningMINDS
NO fluff, NO interviews, NO ADS...JUST the Facts...the way it was intended............