Thursday, March 15, 2007

This is ME

This is what I am doing today sleeping.

I have been having sleep problems for years. I usually fall asleep when I am tired could be 4 am , could be 4 pm. That is why you will see posts all over the place. SO the doctor gave this perscription for AMBIEN .....UH
has anyone taken that?? Well I typically go to bed right after I take one. Last night I was working on the computer for a while and then I cant remember what happened. I went on a shopping spree. Bidding on things I would never BUY sheesh. Like a Disney calendar( I dont have small kids. ) 2 gay calendars. (hello?) A BRITNEY spears CaLendar!!!! I mean I went on ashopping spree. Unbeknownst to ME

I dont know what to do. I suppose I have to buy them LOL. I just cant believe...I woke up this morning and found my computer on this page
WHO is Dylan and Cole sprouse??? and why would I bid $9.95 on their calendar........ROTF laugh crying. It is always something!
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