Friday, March 30, 2007

an interesting topic cropped up recently...

"ONE" designer asked the group if anyone could point in her in the direction of a "certain fabric resource". Another designer in the group got very uptight when many members of the group offered up websites. As she did alot of work researching to find these sights.
SO what's the deal here?? What do ya think...?
share the info, don't share the info.

I recently got an email from someone asking me where I buy my blanks.. Well I thought about it a while and decided to just give her the name after all... anyone who buys my items will see the tag.
YES I really wish the place I get my garments was wholesale only. Making it harder for just anyone to buy them. But it isn't. For the amount of money I spend there it should be. LOL I am a walking advertisement for their business. I too did my research. When I started doing clothing pre 1998 you had to go to the library and find your suppliers or trade shows. You couldn't just ask a group or do a google search, I did resent people asking. You felt obligated to answer them. Then you create your own competition.. NOW it is so easy for anyone to find anything online, secrecy what's the point??

I DON'T know!!!!!!!!! What do you think????
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